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Patient : Uncle T

(Photo for illustration purposes)


80 year old. Lived in KL but also worked outstation in a small town in Perak. Went missing for 2 days during a work trip. Family went searching for him and found him collapsed in a room from a massive stroke. He was taken to hospital and intubated. A tracheostomy had to be performed.


Uncle T was then transferred to Vida Senior Care, as he was bedridden with little or response. He had tracheostomy care (suction if tube is blocked), daily physiotherapy (to preserve muscle mass & prevent disuse atrophy) and meal replacement diet for nutrition. The process of weaning involves manipulation of the tracheostomy tube over a 1-2wk period which slowly increases patients workload of breathing.

Uncle T is closely monitored to see any signs of distress. Upon removal of the tube, the opening at the neck will usually close within 1-2 weeks.

Patient : Aunty K
(Photo for illustration purposes) 

Profile : 
53 y/o suffered from 30 years of headaches, on Panadols. Had a stroke and was referred to HKL where they diagnosed a ruptured aneurysm. Doctors surgically clipped the aneurysm to stop the bleeding. Discovered a smaller aneurysm but they have decided was too risky to clip and set her off on her path to recovery. She was transfered to us at Vida Senior Care. 

Current Treatment : 
On a Nasogastric tube for feeding. Enjoys the Tamil radio channel in her room. On daily physiotherapy for her muscles, to stop from atrophy. Currently on some medication. The most important support is Aunty K's very supporting family. WIth COVID protocol they will do regular video calls a few times a day. 

She has improved so much with all the support. Last week, Aunty K was able to take sips of water and Milo. The next plan is to remove the Nasogastric tube. Shes’s one step closer to going home to her loving famiy! 

Man Eating Breakfast

Patient : Uncle C
(Photo for illustration purposes) 

Profile : 
84 y/o and lived alone in Klang. He had lost his wife 3 years prior with no children. He was also prostate cancer survivor. A prominent member of a Club for 30+ years, with plenty of good friends. In 2018, he developed leg and arm weakness ( hemiparesis) and some memory loss. His niece got him examined by neurologist in HKl and it showed a left Pre frontal ischemic stroke. 2 months later, he had noticeable odd behaviour and personality changes. He couldn’t figure out the time of the day and he would suddenly start singing songs from the 60/70s. This time his MRI would show an Right anterior frontal lobe stroke .

Current Treatment : 
At Vida Senior Care, our medically trained team helped with bathing and eating, daily physical physiotherapy to strengthen his limb muscles. In the afternoons, was cognitive therapy - colouring within the lines, Bingo, card matching and board games. He was also quite the crooner with his amazing voice. His social skills were also greatly improved. 

After 5 months, there was significant improvements and he requested to return to home. His niece managed to find a wonderful Caregiver, R - which had the opportunity to observe at Vida. He is presently well, spending quality time with friends and family. There was also a standing ovation for Uncle C when he returned to the Club! 

‘Neuroplasticity’ which is how the brain creates new pathways and rewires itself through repeated stimulation. The more you practice cognitive exercises , the more more your memory and thinking improves. You can even find great apps on your tablets to help with cognitive therapy.

Happy Retirement

Patient : Uncle Mohan

(Photo for illustration purposes)


Had a fall & fractured his hip. Came in for rehabilitation in February.

Our in-house physiotherapist Ikhwan reviewed and worked out a rehab plan for Uncle Mohan. Initially, he refused to stand or get off the bed but after much coaxing & support from his family, managed to start his rehab which lasted 5 days a week.

While he still uses wheelchair, he is now able to walk using a walker.

Uncle Mohan’s hobby is colouring & drawing. His vibrant paintings are always noticed by the team.


He has since left at the end July to be closer to his daughter.

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